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Djoerd and Ursula.
If this is a workshop, why aren't this lot working?
Preparing for Pavel's inquisition.
Pavel & his wife.
No mast-ectomies in Walton-on-the-Naze.
Captain Thomas.
You mean other people can sail here too?
A boat to dream of?
Leon at the helm.
Any moor jokes?
Lesley, Mounia, Thomas and Leon
This is the Wharf. The Canary must be up top somewhere.
Busking may be illegal but London city provides pianos!
Senior Common Room, London School of Economics
Stephen and Richard.
Lawyers at lunch in Middle Temple.
I'm looking for the chambers of Soo, Grabbit & Runne.
Cooling off on the embankment from the London heatwave.
Laid back London.
Aboard the Thames Clipper: Eye eye sir.
The bridge of HMS Belfast.
A 20th century pile on the Thames.
Shades of the Mediterranean at Canary Wharf.
Traffic chaos on the Isle of Dogs.
Ever needed to wash the windows on your Gherkin?
Smoke and mirrors.
Greater London Authority. Boris, the Mayor, rides down the spiral ramp on his bike.
What an entry lobby, eh?
The High Commissioner kicks things off.
JP and the Scotsman without a kilt.
London Eye doing its best to orbit the moon.